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I just finished shooting a commercial, editing a wedding video and published a video blog for a new client, Wine and Jazz Magazine. Now I have to edit the commercial, prepare to shoot the Charity 4 Charity “Valley of the Stars” event on January 30th at Wilson Creek Winery and shoot not one, but two stage productions in Tustin, CA. And still, I have plenty to editing right here in the studio; not to mention a continuous daily effort to learn new software. It never ends. I need to clone myself.

The future for advertizing is the internet. And the future is here, NOW! And what do people want to do? People like to watch video. Video Adventures would like to help you grow your business by putting the power of high quality online videos working for you for your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube. Promotional Videos, Testimonials Videos, weekly blog videos, Training Video; and the list goes on. We produce high quality image videos in large format HD for the internet. Do you want to represent yourself and your business to your prospective clients with cheap looking video or high quality video? View some of our samples here on our blog or in our Video Theater.

Watch the Charity 4 Charity Promo Video below.

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