Video Adventures’ Spotlight: Braja Mandala

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So, this week we are Spotlighting one of our favorite wedding photographers, Braja Mandala.

If you are a bride, she wants to give you your 15 minutes of fame. Well, actually your entire Wedding Day!  For that one day, you will be photographed like a movie star. She would love the opportunity to document every special person in your life and the connects you have. Braja says, “I have a passion for wedding photography. You’re in love and full of life. So getting the shot will be easy. After all, the two of you just click!”. She loves to take walks on the beach in her high heels. (I’m not sure how that works). But more important, she’d love to hear about your wedding day and possibly become your wedding photographer.

It’s always nice to shoot Wedding Video’s with great wedding photographers like Braja. When the bride hires both a professional Wedding Videographer and Wedding Photographer who work together, she’s going to receive the absolute best Wedding Video and Photos of her wedding day. And these are the two treasures that she and her husband will cherish forever!

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