Jana and Matt’s Wedding Rehearsal

We had a very unique couple who wanted to give us free reign to capture their personalities in the most creative way possible for their Wedding Movie. We had already produced their Wedding Photo Montage, Wedding Movie Trailer and a little video we called “The Nearly Wed Game”. They are in the “arts” and very creative and talented people in their own right. So this was going to be a challenge to produce the best Wedding Movie for them. This was a destination wedding that was to include the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner the night before. We spent 3 days shooting for this Wedding Movie. And I spent many more hours than usual editing this one because I had to get their essence down and so the Wedding Movie would reflect who they really are.

When the final DVD was processed, we arranged for a preview with them and a few close family members. We don’t usually sit with the bride and groom the first time they watch their Wedding Movie in it’s entirety. But this time we did. At the end of the video they stood up and applauded and said, “We hit it out of the park”. We captured their personalities in their Wedding Movie perfectly.

Here is the first clip from their Wedding Movie. The Rehearsal. Shot and edited in “old movie” style. Watch for their video testimonial coming soon.


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