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We’d like to invite you to come and visit us at the Temecula Valley Wedding Professionals’ BRIDAL SHOW on February 21, 2010 from 11 am to 4 pm at Temeku Hills Country Club in Temecula. This will be the most unique Bridal Show experience. Plan on being spoiled! It is FREE to brides who pre-register at

Having produced 100’s of Wedding Videos over the past 25 years, I continue to see the value of these treasured family heirlooms only increase over time. Still, some brides don’t realize how important and meaningful a beautifully produced Wedding Video can be. Some brides haven’t even seen a professionally produced wedding video!

She’s dreamed about this special day probably ever since she was a small child. She’s now fallen in love and has gotten engaged to the man of her dreams. After months of preparation, it finally arrives; this one special day. Her Wedding Day! Then suddenly, the day passes like a flash!

One bride writes us: “My wedding day went by so fast…it was like a blur. Thank goodness for my wedding video. There are moments in the video that I don’t remember or I didn’t see. I didn’t see the bridal party enter the church for the celebration or the reception because I was at the end of the procession. I didn’t see my parents with tears in their eyes during our exchange of vows because I was looking at my man. I didn’t see the guys toasting one last time behind the church (it’s a good thing our minister didn’t see them either); but it’s all captured on our wedding video”.

A Wedding Video is the only way to capture all the emotions, excitement, laughter and the words the bride and groom share with each other. When we produce one of our Cinematic Wedding Movies, the bride and groom soon realize that the most valued treasure from their wedding day is their Wedding Video.

Knowing this fact, I do what I can to help the engaged couple get the Wedding Video of their dreams by offering customized packages, payment options and suggestions to help make their day a memorable one. Just listen to what some of our former brides and grooms are saying on our Testimonial page. After all, it’s your wedding. Share it forever!

Here is a Pre-Wedding clip from a wedding currently being edited. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Bridal Show

  1. kanishka ratnayaka

    Ken – it looks great! You guys do such a wonderful job. Thanks so much for capturing the beauty and spirit of our wedding day! We love the video!

  2. Kelly Fox

    Stop making me cry! If you want your Wedding Video to bring back the emotions of your Wedding Day you must call Video Adventures and they will create that feeling all over again.
    On your Wedding Day you will be caught up in the two of you and unable to see all that goes on around you, on your special day. It is so much fun to see your friends and family enjoying your begining together. Don’t miss out on all a Video has to offer.
    It will be your most valued treasure, long after the day ends!!!!

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