Photo Montages On the Rise

This past week Video Adventures received a number of inquiries regarding Photo Montages. A mother of the bride called inquiring about a Wedding Photo Montage for her daughter’s wedding this June. A Wedding Photo Montage includes photographs of the bride and groom when they were growing up and from the time they started dating; all the way up to their engagement photos.

A past client called wanting a Photo Montage to show at her grandfather’s 79th Birthday Party. We ask for photos as far back as they can go. So we can tell his life story in pictures. We also had a former bride and groom who soon after their wedding left the United States to travel Europe for 18 months. They recently returned to the states and would like their vacation photos/images produced for a DVD and set to music so they can recall their wonderful adventure. They do have to weed through 1000’s of great photos to pick the very best for their Photo Montage.

Sometimes people refer to a Photo Montage as a “slide show”. That term produces images of old school slide projection shows. Video Adventures does not produce “slide shows”! We produce creative 2D / 3D “Photo Montages” that breathes new life into your photographs with animation, music, voice-overs, special effects, family home movie clips, image restoration, color correction and more. One client referred to their Video Adventures’ produced Photo Montage for her husband’s 50th Birthday Party as a “work of art”!

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